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Los Angeles-based composer Rob Gokee, known for his varying style & flexibility, studied Music Theory & Composition at the University of New Mexico, and then spent six months under the tutelage of world renowned composer Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3, The Grudge, Ghost Rider). Rob has scored 12 feature films, over 100 short films, and three dozen different TV series & pilots, including the National Geographic show “Known Universe,” SyFy’s “Fact Or Faked,” PBS’ “Roadtrip Nation,” Speed Channel’s “Car Science,” and TruTV’s “Police POV.” Rob has also scored commercials for Sony two years in a row, promoting their surround sound products.
Rob won back-to-back IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) awards for Best Score in 2012 and 2013, for the shows “Night of the Zombie King” and “Cost Of Capital,” which also won Best Score at the 2013 Indie Soap Awards. Rob’s style varies from epic orchestral to folk, to cutting edge action and horror.
Rob just finished  features “Love in the Time of Monsters” & “Ditch Party,” and is currently scoring the Dreamworks animated show “Dueling Kapowskis,” and features “Laps” & “Waiting On Mary.” He’s also in preporduction for his first album of original songs and writing his second book, about composing for television & film in the indie world, and how to make a living doing it. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Producer Allison Vanore.



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Sci Fine Dining (2013) Avi Glijansky, Director
Alaska Marshals (2013) Discovery Channel
Producing Juliet (2013) Tina Cesa Ward, Showrunner
Renegade Alliance (2013) Todd Johnson, Showrunner
Dark Knight Legacy (2013) Brett Register, Director
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (2010-) Syfy
PAWDcasts (2013) Allison Vanore, Showrunner
Cost Of Capital (2012) Goldie Chan, Showrunner
Good People in Love (2012) Tina Cesa Ward, Showrunner
Pairings (2012) Ed Robinson, Showrunner
Interglobal Trading Fund (2012) Anne Lower, Director
Meet the Preppers (2012-2013) Television Series
Full Throttle Saloon (2012) Television Series
Car Science (2010-) Discovery/BASE Productions

Known Universe (2010-) NatGeo/BASE Productions
Car Warriors (2011-) Discovery/BASE Productions
Legend Quest (2011-) SyFy/ BASE Productions
Police P.O.V. (2011-) TruTV/ BASE Productions
GOLD: Night of the Zombie King (2011) David Nett
Short Term (2010) Jeff Parks, Showrunner
Whole Day Down (2011)Tai Fauci, Showrunner
The Grid (2012) Kevin Keiser, Showrunner
Misery Loves Company (2010) Tiffany Price, Creator
Fury of Solace (2011) Emmett Furey, Creator
Replaced (2011) Heath Vinyard, Showrunner
Bestsellers (2011) Tina Cesa Ward & Susan Miller, Producers
Roadtrip Nation (2006) PBS/Roadtrip Productions
SOLO the Series (2010) Jonathan Nail, Showrunner
Space Hospital (2010) Rob Poe, Showrunner

Purgatory Inc. (2010) Boris Kievsky, Producer
Diary Of A Wedding Planner (2010) Brandi Ford, Showrunner
End Result (2010) Heath Vinyard, Showrunner
My Bitchy-Witchy Paris Vacation Alexis Niki, Showrunner
Run To The Shadows (2009) Miguel Torres, Director
Inbetween (2007) Brandon Marcus, Showrunner
The Unemployment of Danny London (2011) Doug Cwiak
Fleischer (2009) Ed Gross, Producer/ Webseries


Hazard Jack (2013) Sheldon Silverstein, Producer
Impasse (2013) Michael Bekemeyer, Director
Isabella (2013) Amber Plaster, Producer
Date Night (2013) Jamie Fishback, Director
Alice and the Monster (2012) David Nett, Director
Love in the Time of Monsters (2012) Matt Jackson, Director
The Rental (2012) Todd Johnson, Director
Shelved: The Rise & Fall of 11:11 (2012) Rocky Costanzo
Of Teaching Killer Whales Compassion (2012)
The Drought (2011) Kevin Slack, Director
 Death Inc. (2011) Sandra Payne, Director
Every Word Handwritten (2012) Kevin Slack, Director
Quiet Deception (2011) Heath Vinyard, Director
Wasn’t Planning On It (2011) Emily Redenbach, Director
The Package (2010) Alan Heitz, Producer
Kill Devil Hill (2010) Robert DeAlmeida, Producer
The Support Group (2010) Kevin Slack, Producer
11:11 (2010) Rocky Costanzo, Director
Thank You Mr. Patterson (2009) Oren Kamara, Director

K Town (2009) Steve Royall, Director
That Bind (2009) Carter Mason, Director
Cut (2009) Jon Medel, Director
In E.A.R.T.H. (2009) Frank Molher, Director
Haze (2008) Steve Royall, Director
The Last Tenant (2008) Mike Halper, Director
Broken Hearts Club (2008) Angelo Bell, Director
Amhurst (2008) Rocky Costanzo, Director
Outrighteous (2008) Jill Maxcy, Director
Railfans: Chasing Trains (2007) Jim Choiniere, Director
Eyes of the Woods (2007)  Mark Villalobos, Producer
Take One (2007)  Luan Evans, Producer
 Level of Trust (2007)  Steve Royall, Producer
Until Next Time (2007) Kimberly Prendez, Producer
The God of Suicide (2007) Daniel Duane, Director
P.O.V. (2007) Tawan Bazemore, Director
Office Beast (2007)  E.e. Charlton-Trujillo, Director
I Know Who Shot You (2007)  Daryll Harkness, Producer
Buy (2007)  Chris Bryant, Director

It’s Not Where They Go (2007) Luan Evans, Director
Renounced (2007) Angelo Bell, Director
The First Time (2007)  Angelo Bell, Director
El Ride (2007)  Angelo Bell, Producer
Bag (2007)  Kathy Choiniere, Director
No Greater Love (2007) James Choiniere, Director
Mugger Clowns (2006) Brian Moriarty, Producer
 Payment (2006) Jeff Crispi, Director
3 Down (2006)  Trevor Jones, Producer
Footsie (2006)  Eva Midgley, Director
Legend of Drunken Monk (2006) Robert Jordan, Director
Escape (2006)  Yohance Brown, Producer
Breathing Underwater (2006) Daniel Bell, Director
Mechan Wars (2006) Gino Do, Director
A Jewish Confessional (2006) Brian Bellinkoff, Producer
Carpet Creature (2006) Jeff Hill, Director
321 (2006)Byron Karl, Producer
Guilty (2006) Giona Peduzzi, Director
Napoleon Beazeley (2006) Adam Smith, Producer

Rocket Runner (2013) Killer Minnow/iOS Game
Inheritance (2011) Big Voice Productions/Facebook Game
Zerk’s Log (2011) Killer Minnow/ iOS Game
Sony 7.1 Surround Sound Display (2013) Interactive display
Sony 5.1 Surround Sound Display (2012) Interactive display in Best Buy & Costco
Cost of Capital Winner Best Score 2013 IAWTV Awards
Cost of Capital Winner Best Score 2013 Indie Soap Awards
Night of the Zombie King Winner Best Score 2012 IAWTV Awards
SOLO Nominated Best Score 2012 IAWTV Awards
Until Next Time Winner Best Use of Score in A Short Film, 2007 Park City Film Fest
Night of the Zombie King Double Nom Best Score & Best Theme Song 2012 Indie Intertube Awards
End Result Nominated Best Action Score, 2011 Indie Intertube Awards
Night of the Zombie King Winner Outstanding Score in a Drama Series 2011 LA Web Fest
University of New Mexico  (2001-05) Music Composition
California State University Northridge (2005) Music Composition
Composer Christopher Young  (2005-06) – Private Class
Member of ASCAP as a Writer (Rob Gokee) and a Publisher (Rob Gokee Music) since 2005
Member of the IAWTV (Voting Member)






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KCA Music Group | Keith C Anderson | keith@kcamusic.com |  (818) 324-9850
I’m a composer. I write music for film, television & webseries, and I’ve contributed to over 100 projects in the last 6 years. The best part about my job is the relationships I’ve formed with Directors, Producers, Actors, Casting Agents, Gaffers, Directors of Photography.  All of these talented people come together and create a beautiful piece of art,  and I’m honored to add my brush strokes.
The music I create for film comes from me but does not belong to me.  It’s a collaboration; it wouldn’t exist without the visual elements that inspire me.  I compose, and orchestrate, and compose again, until it’s right.  It’s important to me to find a film’s voice, which comes from a combination of the filmmaker’s vision and what’s inside of me.  If you’re a director or producer, I’d love to be a part of your next project.  Contact me and lets talk about what your film needs.
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