11:11 Casting Session

I spent the better part of yesterday at the casting session for 11:11.  Although the main roles are already filled, there are still secondary parts that needed talented actors, and I saw a lot of them yesterday.  As the composer, I got to sit in on something I hadn’t been a part of before, and it was a great learning experience.  

One of the roles was a female with a very intense scene.  Director Rocky Costanzo decided that I would be the sight line (based on my position on the couch), and I had to maintain eye contact as I was screamed at by actresses.  Some of them were so good I was actually moved by the performance.  It also left me feeling drained emotionally, it was exciting .

After the female role, the auditions continued with the role of Brady.  About 20 boys filed through, all around the age of 12, and I was surprised at the level of professionalism they came into the room with.  It was inspiring to watch them take direction and adjust per Rocky’s suggestions.  At one point, Rocky asked two of the actors to drop their scripts and improvise the scene, concentrating more on their performance than the words on the page.  

After a late lunch and quick discussion, Rocky quickly narrowed it down to a handful of people from both roles that fit his vision for the parts.  Watching the words you wrote in a room by yourself being performed by someone else is an amazing feeling, for a composer it’s the equivalent of seeing an orchestra perform your score.

I utilized Twitter during the entire process, feel free to check out my individual tweets as the day progressed at www.twitter.com/robgokeemusic.  If you’re on Twitter, follow me for more info on 11:11.  I’m going to be micro-blogging on set in February and March during production, and it’s the only place you’ll get detailed and on-the-spot info concerning the film (although I’ll be posting here as well).