11:11 Shooting, Day Three


I am DAMN tired after being on set today, so this will be an abbreviated blog, to be continued tomorrow.  Today’s shooting was at a park 3 blocks from the ocean in Huntington Beach, and it was much sunnier than last weekend.  So sunny that my bald head burned a bit, during the 11 hour day.  The crew was amazing at setups and breakdowns, and Darian Weiss and Jose Yenque (whose previous credits include Angel, The X Files & Heroes, just to name a few) were UNBELIEVEABLE in their scenes together today.  I watched from the monitor without headphones, and the emotion they both conveyed silently took the scene to a whole new level.  I had the chance to talk with Jose about both his scene and my score, his dedication to the role is inspirational.

Tomorrow we’re back at the park, and I’ll have a camera in hand.  After Rocky approves the photos I take, I’ll be posting some of them here.  Check back tomorrow for part two of this blog, sleep well everyone.