4 Show Premieres, 1 Place

Between yesterday and today, 4 shows I’m scoring have episodes premiering. I’ve been trying to figure out how to pimp them all and still get the work done I have to do over the next week (a commercial, 5 more episodes of television), and I’ve decided that I’ll post them all here for you to watch in one place. Also, I’ve decided not to sleep for the next few days until I feel like I’m caught up. Seriously.

End Result

Do you like 24? Then you’ll like “End Result,” an action-packed thriller of a series full of double-cross and guns. Lots of guns, Showrunner Heath Vinyard did an outstanding job. Also, writing action scores gives me a hard-on. So do hyphenated words.

Space Hospital

You asked for zombies, and I delivered. Here they are, complete with my score (and some additional music by showrunner Robert Poe).

My Bitchy-Witchy Paris Vacation

Showrunner Alexis Niki’s new series about 3 women in Paris has been fun to write for. Here’s the latest episode.

GOLD: Night Of The Zombie King

And last (but definitely not least), the premiere of a series I just started working on. There are 4 amazing showrunners, and working with 4 people at once is definitely a blog post of it’s own.  For now, enjoy the premiere episode.