Horror is Alive and Well


The latest installment of Friday the 13th broke records by being the highest grossing horror premiere at $42.2 million.  I am not generally a fan of horror films, but the one franchise I follow is this one.  As a kid, I remember Jason scaring the crap out of me, far more than Freddy or Michael Myers did.  As a composer, I lover horror scores, and I love scoring horror films.  There’s nothing better than being in the audience, as a composer, and watching them scream at a combination of your score and the story onscreen.  I suppose there’s a similar feeling when the audience cries based on a moving scene/score, but so far I’ve only experienced the former.

It’s raining in Los Angeles today, which (for me) is the perfect writing weather.  I’m working on the score for Wonderview this week, and preparing for the first day of shooting for 11:11 this Saturday.  In case you’re new to the blog, I’ll be micro-blogging from the set on Twitter all 11 days of the shoot.  If you’re already on Twitter, you can follow me here, and send me questions as production progresses.  Questions like “What food is being served by catering today?” or “Does Rocky really direct scenes without pants?” or even “Who are you and why do we care?”  Also, you can follow along with the widget to the right of this blog, which will be streaming the same tweets.

You’ll notice a new look for the blog.  As much as I loved the “sliding window” header of the other theme, trying to customize it became frustrating.  Add that to the the fact that I didn’t like that the blog was “squished” in the middle of the page with lots of empty space on the sides. and I knew I needed to look at other options.  I like the use of space in this theme, and customization is flexible and easy to use.  I promise, barring unforeseen crashing, that this will be the theme in 2009 for my site and blog.