7 (More) Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Round Two.

1. I’m a tech whore. Except for the iPhone. I don’t have any interest in being forced into a contract with a service provider I don’t like just for a shiny phone (that looks really good actually). Open it up to Verizon and we’ll talk.

2. I hate ants. I’d rather have a rodent infestation in my house than an army of ants. I think it has to do with the fact that there are never 5 ants, or 10 ants, or even 20 ants. It’s always 500 ants, crawling around everywhere. That said, I’m fascinated with studying the little bastards. I’ll watch a documentary any day on ants. And complain about the score the whole time.

3. I will choose television over film any day of the week. It’s all about the serialized nature of TV, I’d rather watch 22 “chapters” of Lost than one Mission Impossible film (although Michael Giacchino scored both). And since we’re on the topic of television, the next few “things” will be dedicated to shows I watch.

4. I love The Food Network. I will watch Alton Brown dissect any food product, I love watching Iron Chef’s battling against each other, even if the ingredients are (in my opinion) disgusting (foi gras?! Who wants to eat that?!), and I will watch Rachael Ray cook (or spend less than $40) anything. Hannah and I love to cook, and we love to create new things, so I feel that watching FN is more research than entertainment.

5. I watch The Hills. Yes, you heard me. I pick and choose when it comes to reality TV. I am not interested in what ho Flavor Flav is going to send home, I do not care who wins Survivor, and I don’t care who was eliminated last week on So You Think You Can Dance. But I will watch LC and Audrina hanging at Area, wondering if Heidi and Spencer will show up to ruin their night.

6. Les Stroud is my hero. If you’ve never seen Survivorman on the Science Channel, you need to find it now. He drops himself in remote places armed with a half dozen cameras and a paltry supply of rations (one match, a piece of beef jerkey, and a damp piece of tissue, for instance), and survives for 7 days before being rescued by his crew. Someone needs to buy that man an iPod though, because a week without music would make me go off the deep end.

7. If I wasn’t a composer, I’d be a chef or a marine biologist. A chef because I could combine my love of food with my creativity, and I’d go to work for Gordon Ramsay. A marine biologist because I’m fascinated with biology and the study of animals, particularly of the sea. Also, I’d love to know more about the creation of the Earth,(not in a biblical way) and the ways the ocean affects weather patterns.

There you have it, more of me in a nutshell.