That’s how many cues I ended up with after my two weeks of remixing and re-cutting. Phew. I don’t want to look at all those sessions again for a long time. Last night Hannah and I started culling through the pile, trying to pick out the cues that stood out, and which ones should appear on the site and the demo. I’m trying to keep the demo at around 15, and the site to about 40, so about 60 cues are going to be warming the bench. I have a meeting tomorrow with a friend who’s passing on a copy to someone, so I’ve got today to get the list finalized and the demo burned. 

In other news, I sent off a third pass of changes to Steve Royall for “Level of Trust”, we’re dialing it in pretty close now and it’s nearly finished. Then it’s marketing time.

Tons to do this morning, so I’ll leave you here.