A Change of Seasons

Actually, the title has dual meaning; the act itself which finally seems to be happening in Southern California, and the 23 minute song by Dream Theater that’s playing in the studio right now as I blog (which is a coincidence, I just needed a blog title).

I’m doing my GTD weekly review today, which, because of the lack of ToDo list activity last week, is mostly just moving tasks to next week and trying to spread them out among the tasks I have to accomplish already next week.  One of the new projects I’ve got to add to the list is new soundtrack releases.

I’ve been in contact with a Japanese soundtrack company that’s selling copies of my Amhurst soundtrack (you can visit Ark Soundtrack Square here, but if you live in the US, it’s slightly cheaper to buy a copy from CD Baby or iTunes).  My contact at Ark is interested in hearing my scores to other films, and it hadn’t occurred to me that releasing other material was something I was going to do.  With Amhurst, the production company not only footed the bill to manufacture the CD’s, but were enthusiastic from the beginning about releasing a soundtrack.  

So now I’m looking at the other films I’ve done in the last few years and the viability of releasing soundtrack albums for them.  Broken Hearts Club had a record 86 minutes of music written for it, so finding enough for a full album will be easy.  Eyes of the Woods, a horror film I scored in late 2007/early 2008 is also a good candidate.  The other thing I though of was releasing a compilation of scores from films that were either shorts, or didn’t have enough music for a solo release.  All of these options require some remixing, so I’m off the the races again.  Pro Tools 8 is coming out in the next few weeks, I may try and wait for a bit so that I can mix on the upgrade and get to know the new features on the fly.  Either way, the 11:11 score is approaching very quickly and I need to get everything caught up before that happens.