A Few Spots

Hey. This blog is coming to you in the evening because I was busy this morning and had to neglect the blog. My apologies. I had a three hour spotting session with Director Dan Gordon in Koreatown, which is a beautiful part of Los Angeles that gets an undeserved bad rap. Many parts of LA get a bad rap, actually, and in a lot of cases the media is to blame. Too much emphasis is put on crime and not enough on the cultural and architectural beauty of our city. People outside of California have preconceived assumptions about Compton and West Hollywood (for instance), and it mars their opinion when they finally come visit our city. Los Angeles, despite popular midwest belief, is not like playing Grand Theft Auto. Most of the time.

Anyway (slowing backing off the soapbox), the session went well. I’m scoring two short films for Dan, WonderView and The Locker. Both are polar opposites of each other, and both are done extremely well. Our conversation about the films ranged from the type of score needed to express the right emotion, to the psychology behind each film and how the scenes came together. A good spotting session ends with me anxious and excited to start writing the score. Today there may have been some droolage involved.

I am currently overtired (bad sleep for two nights straight), and should end this blog. I got footage today for Kimberly’s film, Until Next Time, and tomorrow I start writing. Perhaps I will enlighten (or bore) you with some of the details.