A Little Behind…and A Big But

Hello all. I’ve been slacking a bit at the blog this week, and there’s a lot to talk about.  I finished a score last week for a film called Haze, and I want to dedicate a post to the score and process. I also wanted to preview 2 tracks from the film on the blog, but I’m in the midst of remixes, and I need to finish one to do the other.  I’ll be ready to post about them in the next few days or so, I’m also upgrading my studio to Pro Tools 8, so I’m trying to decide if I should finish the remixes first and then handle the changeover.

That brings me to another topic, a series I came up with for the blog about my studio and the equipment I use in it.  Not just the software and hardware I use for writing and recording, but the software I use for marketing and research, what social networks, web hosting, and email servers I use to make a living as a composer.  I’ll be breaking the posts up into segments over the next few weeks, so stay close if you’re interested.

Rocky and I had a few more conversations about the 11:11, and the direction it needed to go in.  He’s very interested in an “urban orchestral” feel, along the lines of Graeme Revell’s Street Kings score, so I’m looking into creating the custom percussion set I’m going to use for the film.  Only a few weeks until I start the process, the closer we get the more excited  I get.  

I also found out last week that Outrighteous, a film I scored in March, will be released domestically and overseas this spring.  I’ll post availability info as I get it, along with Amhurst release news.  York  Entertainment is still looking for the best time to release Amhurst, we’re hoping for a spring release as well.  Finally, I’m looking into a compilation CD release around the same time, a full length CD covering the films I’ve scored over the last 3 years.  More on that as it develops. In the meantime, you can head over to iTunes or CD Baby and pick up a copy of the Amhurst Soundtrack, 70 minutes of score from the film.