A Working Vacation

Sometimes I feel an obligation to use this blog as an opportunity to complain about something that’s bothering me, to Grind My Gears so to speak (which is a Family Guy reference, a show I do not miss. EVER. Seth McFarlane is clearly an amazing man whose statue should be erected in front of the Fox building, but I digress.). But complaining rarely gets you anywhere, and for every person that hates something, there’s a gaggle of other people that love it, and are willing to burn you at the stake for its cause. Then I remember that I created this blog as an outlet for my creativity, one that differs from music. After I get back from vacation next week, I’ll be jumping into a bevy of projects, and I’m going to make an attempt at chronicling the creation of their scores here. I’ve got:

  • “WonderView” by Director Dan Gordon, a 20 minute short with amazing potential to wow large amounts of people.
  • “The Locker” also by Dan Gordon, about wars fought in the boardroom.
  • “Until Next Time” by Kimberly Prendez, a beautifully done period piece, that has festival winner written all over it.
  • “The God of Suicide” by Director Daniel Duane, an moving 10 minute short about assisted suicide.
  • “Eyes of the Woods” Produced by Monster Fx. A horror feature I’ve been scoring since April. We’re at the tail end, and it’s slated for DVD release later this year.
  • “Silent Retreat” by Director Robert Jordan. I’ll be scoring three animatics that are being created for investor meetings.

There are a few other things in pre pre production, like Angelo Bell’s “Broken Hearts Club, and Director Tawan Bazemore’s “Nadine Scott,” but they’ve both got some time before I’m needed.

Suddenly I feel like packing up my computers, midi controller, and monitors and taking them to Monterey with me.