Bandwidth is A Harsh Mistress


The site was down for about a day and a half, in case you were wondering.  I attempted to upload 80 mp3 cues in one day, and link them all back to the player on the “Music” page of the site.  Apparently, this used so much bandwidth that I was stealing it from other sites on the server, so GoDaddy shut it down until we could figure out what the problem was.  The guy on the phone compared it to driving your car through the wall of an apartment, thereby affecting your neighbors as well.   Then I had to uninstall WordPress, clean out the files, upload WordPress again, and then find the backup of the database so that I could restore the site to its pre-crash state, minus all the music.  For now, I’ve gone back to the ReverbNation player, which has served me well for years.  Also, check out the “Videos” page for new stuff.