BlogWorld 2012

This week, I had the opportunity and privilege to speak on a panel at BlogWorld in New York Cityabout Music in Webseries. It was a great opportunity to talk about my role as a composer in webseries and film, and what we as composers bring to the table. All the panels I attended were wonderful (my soon to be wife, Producer Allison Vanore, moderated and spoke on two panels as well), and the people involved did a wonderful job. Huge thanks to Tim Street and Sandra Payne, who facilitated my appearance, and a shout out to my friend Chris Brogan, who was a keynote speaker.

The event itself was run well and packed with attendees – I also got the opportunity to meet the people behind the company SocialChorus, a new kind of social media marketing company that took the time to interview me about my experiences in social media, and talk about my book “In The Belly Of The Fail Whale.” The interview should be up within a few weeks, and I’ll link back to it here for all of you.

Speaking of Twitter, as I close in on my wedding (15 days and counting), I can’t help remember the role that Twitter played in making it happen. In commemoration, I’m planning something special for the blog.

I’d love to speak at BlogWorld again next year, here’s hoping there’s an opportunity to spread the composer gospel some more. If you’re a filmmaker, what would YOU like to hear more about when it comes to music and film?