One of the reasons I decided to revive my flailing blog (OK, not flailing, just not as vibrant, interesting and often as I’d like it to be) was a blog a came across recently.  Hannah and I have been watching the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, which is an AMAZING show (go now and rent it at Netflix or buy it at Amazon).  I love discovering a new composer.  When I first came across film composer Brian Tyler, I had to find everything I could composed by him to listen to and analyze.  BSG introduced me to composer Bear McCreary.  Aside from the fact the Bear’s music for BSG fits perfectly and is different than anything else out there for television, he maintains a blog about scoring the show.  Bear’s blog is incredibly detailed, and contains both musical and notated examples of his cues for BSG.  I recommend it to any film score fans, and I’m inspired to take my blog to the same heights.