Carpet tape and creepy gas stations

One of them was stuck to my hands for two days and the other is a scene I’m about to score. Can you guess which? Yes, that’s correct, there’s nothing like having a damn gas station stuck to your hands. 

I’ve almost completed a mini remodel of the studio. I share one wall of the studio with a neighbor, and I’ve been trying to think of an economical way to add soundproofing to said wall for a few months, and then it hit me. Carpeting. Monday morning I headed over to the Depot and, looking for the least expensive solution, found a plethora of 6 x 8 rugs for very little money. I purchased enough to cover the almost 200 square foot wall, along with some other upgrades, and once again put on the handyman hat I try not to wear often. The results will be photographed later this morning and posted here on the blog first.

I had a 4 hour meeting with Director Rocky Costanzo (Lifeline Entertainment) Sunday night, going over the first draft of cues for “Amhurst.” It was a great opportunity to talk about the path we want the score to take, and how to get it there. We’re meeting Sunday nights for the month of December, and then speeding things up for January as the film heads into the final lap. I hope all show-and-tell’s I do with directors are that much fun.

In other news, I recently plunked down some money for new samples. AMAZING samples. The Garritan Personal Orchestra, and the Miroslav Philharmonik Solo Strings, Choir and Ensemble Strings. They sound great on the Amhurst tracks, I can’t wait to spend more time working through the large libraries. They make me want to throw away everything else I had. Almost.