“Caught Up” is a phrase I will never use again…

…Because it’s never true anymore. Just as I took a deep breath, the force of it pulled in more work, like a reverse big bad wolf. Not that I think of the work as little piggies, so I guess it’s a bad analogy and I should quit while I’m ahead. In the last week I signed on to four more projects, which is an exciting and wondrous thing. SO wondrous, in fact, that I am able to cross another large 2007 goal off my list (which, although was supposed to be on paper 7 months ago, is all in my head): quit the weekend job. I’m so regularly busy this year, and especially in the last three months, that I’ve replaced the income the job gave with scoring income, which is a glorious thing indeed. It’s not so much that more money isn’t a good thing; if I could split into 2 I’d probably stay just for the hell of it. It’s that the steady work is necessitating more days of the week to work in, and since I can’t (yet) create them, I need to steal them back from the weekend job.

Coming up in the next four weeks, I’ve got the following:

  • “Eyes of the Woods” just finished reshoots, the locked cut will be ready in about three weeks for the rest of the music
  • “WonderView” by Dan Gordon should be locked and ready for scoring
  • “The Locker” also by Mr. Gordon will be ready as well
  • “Level of Trust” by Steve Royall, a 20 minute action short. I’ve been jonesing for an action film lately, I’m looking to kick it up a notch the same way I did for Until Next Time. Look for a detailed blog in the future with link to cues, exclusive to WordPress.

So why am I spending all my time here on this blog?! I should be off working.