Chapter 12: August 2009 The Day My Rolodex Exploded

August started with moving boxes and a big white van.  Allie was moving in with a new roommate.  Originally I thought this was why she dated me in the first place, and expected to be dumped right after the last box was brought through the door.  But she kept me after the move, so she must have some other big event that she’s holding out for.

@alliecine was only moving across town, so we spent the first 2 days of August hauling stuff into a new place.  That’s where I met @vianessa, Allie’s new roommate.  @vianessa is great, but don’t ever argue with her, because it doesn’t matter if you’re right and you have irrefutable facts to back it up, she’ll wear you down to the point that you think you’re wrong anyway.  She’s that persuasive.

And stubborn.

She’s also an actress, so she’s very good at “acting” like she enjoys having me around, and I buy it.  If I’m ever with a producer who’s casting a female role, she gets my vote, because anyone who can pretend to like me so well that I’m unaware gets a gold star.  A good example of that is @axisofphilippe.  He fakes it all the time.  He’s just not as good at it.


The week before moving, I had coffee with the ex-girlfriend.  It was… odd.  The only reason we even met up was to exchange a box of her stuff that had been sitting in my closet.  She needed it back; I didn’t want to see it every time I opened the closet door & I was out of matches, so we arranged a meeting.

We hadn’t spoken to or seen each other since the day she left the apartment, so needless to say it was a very strange experience seeing her again.  We headed up the street to a nearby coffee shop and waited for a table.  There was a moment, and I remember it clearly, when, in a split second, I realized that I was SO glad we weren’t together.  The relationship had not been healthy for either one of us, and moving on was the best thing all around.  It was like looking into another life, one I wasn’t a part of anymore, and I had no desire to go back.  And then all I could think of was getting back to @alliecine.  But I was already there so I thought, “What the fuck, let’s chat and pretend we both want to be there, when really we wish we were ANYWHERE else.  Like at the DMV during the summer, and the air conditioning is out, and you’re sandwiched between two people who haven’t showered in days with a little piece of paper that says you’re number 659, and they just called number 2.”  That place, I’d rather be there than sitting in a shitty coffee shop in Echo Park across the table from the person I didn’t feel like I knew anymore.

We made small talk about family and television. Then she told me she was moving halfway across the country.  You know, to the place where the guy she met on Twitter lived?  Yeah, that guy.  I did NOT see it coming.

At first I wanted to laugh, because it was such a huge shock that it was laughable.  Like when you see one of @jfuzell’s snakes eat a mouse.  It’s sad, but in a funny way.  Not a “haha, hey, where’s your kitten, and what’s that other huge lump in the snake?” kind of funny, but close.  I was shocked that she was making such a huge move so soon.  Honestly, I really didn’t care, I was just surprised.  I wished her well, gave her the box, and closed the door on that chapter of my life.

Then this strange thing happened over the next 24 hours.

I got really, really pissed off.

It was strange.  I had trouble sleeping the night after the coffee meeting, and then the next day I was in the OC all day, and felt myself getting angrier and angrier.  And it was affecting my tweeting, in that I dropped the F-bomb three tweets in a row.

I don’t have a problem with curse words.  I think there are times when they’re appropriate, as long as they’re not overused.  My mom would say that curse words are never appropriate, but she’ll also tell you I do what I want and don’t follow the rules.  That’s why I love her.  My dad has less of an issue with curse words, unless you ask him when my mom’s around.  I get my work ethic from my dad; he also doesn’t know the meaning of “stop.”  Any detail-oriented tendencies I have I get from my mom.  I can be anal about details, and I like dealing with numbers, and those are very much her traits.

Anyway… bad mood.

It was one of the angriest moods I’ve ever been in, and I had no idea why, which made me angrier.  I was in Costa Mesa, and @alliecine, who saw my tweets, called me and told me to meet her in Venice at the bar where she had just finished a meeting with @cartermason and her partner Jillian (@jillyleigh).  Yeah, Carter had a meeting at a bar.  I know, I was shocked, too.

Jillian is also known as @NewCityJillian, she’s partnered with Allie (@NewCityAllison) in her other company New City Entertainment.  They help companies with social media marketing and strategy, and run seminars for parents, teaching them about social media so they know what their kids are doing online.  I’m glad they weren’t around when I was a kid, because they’re damn good, and my parents would have been blocking sites all over the place.

I drove like 90mph from Costa Mesa to Venice, which is about a 50 mile trip.  Allie had talked me into meeting them, but part of me wanted to go home and drink an entire bottle of wine while watching House in bed.

WITH Pants.  That’s how upset I was.

But I knew I’d feel worse if I was alone, so I opted for @alliecine, @cartermason, @jillyleigh and the bar.  When I got to Venice, I had to circle the block a few times to find a parking space, and Allie jumped in the car with me to find out what was wrong.  I was arguably the angriest I’d ever been.

In 10 minutes she diffused me.

With words.

I realized that I was angry about the way my relationship had ended, I was angry that I had confirmation that she had cheated, angry that there was really no warning, angry that 4 and a half years of friendship were gone in less than 30 days.  It’s not that I wanted any of that stuff back, I was very happy with the direction my life had taken, but I don’t think I’d ever allowed myself to be angry, with the brief exception of Moving Day back in March.

10 minutes.  That’s all it took Allie to make things better.  She’s the best listener in the world.  But I’m not going to get all gushy and gross you out.  I already did that in the acknowledgments.

Film Stuff

“11:11” finally wrapped this month.  There had been some internal drama surrounding the project that delayed production for a few months, but Rocky weathered all of it to get to the last day of shooting.  I once again tweeted from the set, except this time Rocky didn’t want me giving anything away, and he really wasn’t too keen on me tweeting this time around because he was trying to keep the shoot a secret.  Now, I’d been tweeting from the beginning, and I thought the people following me deserved to see it through to the end.  But I wanted to respect his wishes, so what could I do?

Then it hit me.  Pirates.

I had this brilliant idea of “disguising” the tweets within a story, a story of a boat on a journey across the ocean that’s attacked by pirates.  And for all intents and purposes, it worked.  Everyone got a cool pirate nickname.  Although I’m sure some of my followers, especially if they jumped into the middle of the story, wondered what drugs I was taking and if someone had called health services to report me yet.

My point here is that, if you have some fun and use your imagination when you’re tweeting, people will gravitate toward the funny and follow you, talk to you, maybe work with you.

I’d been part of the film since before the script was finished, so it was nice to finally see it through.  Rocky had allowed me to be a part of the production side of the film, and we were officially into post.

On a side note, we were short a few extras and I was recruited to play a drug buyer.  I was happy to help out, and it fulfilled my lifelong dream.

Not of acting, of buying drugs.

Party Time

In the month of August, @alliecine and I hosted not one, but TWO Tweetups of our own.  Now, I’ve never organized a party in my life.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had enough friends at one time to actually have a “party,” but there I was, setting up two of them.

The first one was on a whim.  Allie and I took a rare day off and wanted to get away from everything.  So we decided, since summer was coming to a close and we hadn’t been to the beach at all, that we were going to Zuma (in Malibu) for the day.  It quickly turned into “Hey, should we invite people to join us?”  The thought of turning it into a party sounded fun, so we made an impromptu announcement on Twitter that everyone within driving distance was invited.

It was a decent turnout for being last minute, about a dozen people showed up, including the fan-favorite @cartermason.  Really, if you’re on Twitter and not following him by now, stop reading and go look him up.  If you’re also a Kansas City Chiefs fan, he might kiss you on the mouth.  Make him wear a condom on his tongue, though, that thing has been places I’ve only heard about it stories.

The Zuma Tweetup was Sunday.  On Tuesday, we noticed a plea on Twitter from @jazmoore, who had traveled to LA from upstate New York.  She’d been in Los Angeles a week and hadn’t met one Twitter person yet, and her trip was coming to a close.  So @alliecine and I took it upon ourselves to have a Tweetup for her, so she could try and catch all of us at once.  Because we had a little more lead time, and it was a bit more central in location (Allie’s apartment complex is more “centered” in LA, and she had a pool & BBQ area), we had a great turnout for Jaz’s maiden voyage to SoCal.  20-30 showed up; @jazmoore entertained everyone by wearing a cake on her head and singing lewd limericks while swinging an empty bottle of wine.

Tweetups are a great way to meet people on Twitter that you’re interested in working with because, unlike the creepy weirdos in chat-rooms back in the 90’s (I think back then @JonathanNail used to pretend he was a 90 year old producer so he could pick up on 20 year old starlets), Twitter users are all about networking, and making things happen.  It’s the thing (in my opinion) that separates it from MySpace, Facebook, and the hordes of other social media networks that I belong to and don’t bother posting on.

Twitter people make things happen.

Allie and I also took our first trip away together in August.  We drove up to San Luis Obispo (stopping at one of the best taco places I’ve ever eaten at, La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara.  There’s always a line, but it’s worth it, trust me), Avila Beach and stopped by the wineries on the way back.  It was a wonderful trip, and I tweeted lots of pictures.

That’s right; you can post pictures on Twitter.  Most smartphone Twitter applications allow you to use the camera attached to your phone to take and upload pics using services like TwitPic.  It’s just another way to chronicle your life and share things with the rest of your followers.  But don’t take pictures of your butt and post them.  I lost 45 followers that day.

It was my first time wine tasting, I loved it so much I wanted to erect a tent at Baileyana Winery and live there.  We spent one morning on Avila Beach, where I bought new sunglasses only to have them stolen by the ocean, which prompted buying another pair of sunglasses.

It was nice to get away from everything, and it was nice to be there with Allison.  I think I even left my laptop at home.  If you know me you know that this is more disconnected than I ever get.

Oh, I tweeted.  I always tweet.

It’s become normal for me to tweet from everywhere about everything.  There are obviously some things I keep private, and do, lest the wrath of @alliecine comes down upon me, but I try and be as open as I can be on Twitter.  You book readers know by now that I’ve said things here I don’t even say on Twitter.

Aren’t YOU guys special.

We’re getting close to the end, this is the 11th month. Trust me, September was even busier than August.  Don’t worry, I’m not done yet.

Or, depending on what you think:

I’m sorry, I’m still not done.