Checking in briefly

Hey. Sorry for the lack of blogging, I’ve been trying to catch up with non-composing stuff last week and this one, including copying my notes from the last four books I read (Pro Tools Overdrive, Flash 4, Pro Tool Multimedia, and On The Track), so I’ve been writing, just not here. After a whole 4 days of being “project-less,” in a matter of three days I somehow ended up with 4 potential projects, all of them features. If everything works out, I won’t come up for air until April when Broken Hearts Club finishes. 

Downloaded Jablonsky’s Transformers score last night as soon as it was available (all hail iTunes), first time through I was impressed. I can hear Zimmer’s influence, but when you compare it to Jablonsky’s scores for Steamboy and The Island you can hear the common threads in his style.

That’s it for now, more when I get a chance. Time to do some more website work.