Commercial Appeal

You see how craftily Jonathan Nail usurps this picture with his wit and charm.  We were at a networking event last week, a pre-screening for the Streamy Awards, which happen in the Spring.  Yes, I’ll be there.  I’m scoring Jonathan’s masterpiece webseries “SOLO The Series,” which Allie is producing.

I’m compiling a list of Indie bookstores in and around Los Angeles.  Why?  Because I’m going to try and get them to sell my book.  And one of those lucky stores will be the site of my first signing.  Pants Optional.  Except Jamie Fishback.  He needs to wear two pair, inside-out.

Also, I’m shooting a commercial.  Most likely tomorrow.  I might even have the damn thing edited and posted by tomorrow night, but don’t hold me to that.  I wanted to hire Michael Bay to shoot it for me, so that I could be running through the city with things exploding around me, and guns being fired in every direction, and a plane crashing right behind me, and I go into a roll and the plane goes over me by like 3 inches, and it all happens in slow motion, and then, in the dust of all the destruction, I raise the book up to the camera before the screen goes black.  Michael Bay, call me.

Since that’s probably not an option, we’re shooting the commercial ourselves.  I hired Allison Vanore to direct, because she has an eye for the camera.  Also, she works cheap.  I’m paying her in peanut butter and pearl onions.

At the very least tomorrow, I’ll talk about the process.  And if I’m on the ball, you might get to see it.