I’ve done a decent amount of construction-related work in my not too distant past. I’ve done roofing, carpentry, a little electrical, even some masonry. I remember that I kind of liked the feeling of accomplishment you get at the end of the day when you step back and look at how far you’ve come in the last 8-10 hours, and what you’ll be jumping on next.

I always seem to forget about the way you feel at 7am when the alarm goes off and your body says “You THOUGHT we were going to be ready, didn’t you? Guess again.”

Monday I spent three hours with a long list walking around an orange-and-white painted home improvement store (which shall remain unnamed. I’m not giving out any free publicity here, ya know, unless it’s a filmmaker or myself. I may be a whore but I have some standards), ordering and purchasing. Tuesday was demolition and insulating, and yesterday was Day One of drywall. By the time I get used to this I’ll be done (which is actually the way hanging insulation went. I was on a roll when I realized I was finished. It was kind of sad until I realized I WAS FINISHED)

Because the drywall delivery was delayed by a day and a half, my completion date for painting and decorating is looking more like Monday or Tuesday, followed by equipment and furniture moving, so I’ll be back online (in a manner of speaking. I’ll be on the internet every day during the process of course, because I have to compulsively check my email every hour, and MySpace every two. God forbid I lose my connection to the web…) around October 16th.

More pictures again soon, some “during” photos perhaps.