Drunken Tweeting

Last night I partook in drunken tweeting with these people.  They’re troublemakers (one of them is related to Allie), you have to watch them every second.  Fortunately for everyone involved, I wore pants.

You have to be careful when you tweet while drinking.  Especially if you’re me, because the majority of my friends are on Twitter, so there’s no anonymity whatsoever.  I’m already on the edge when I’m sober on Twitter; being drunk is sometimes enough to push it too far.

If you live in Long Beach, you need to try Pizza Pi.  They have amazing pizza, and they’re fast.  It’s the only pizza I’ll order in California now that I’ve had NYC pizza and been spoiled.  We ate pizza, drank lots of wine, and laughed.  I even played music I was working on, which never happens.

I also worked on some more book-related marketing yesterday, which involved taking part in other people’s blog comments.  It’s a lot like Twitter.  If you want to bring more people to your site and/or blog, you need to read and take part in their blogs as well.  Just like Twitter, you need to show that you care before you expect other people to.  So I spent some time reading blogs, some of them new blogs I wasn’t subscribed to before.  It’s exciting to see what drives others to create and succeed, and there are very few times I don’t learn something from another person’s post.  Give it a try.