Eye of the Hurricane

Although this may not be the best time for a weather euphemism, especially if you reside in the Midwest, it’s the best description of me at the moment. After a I composed, recorded and mixed a record 86 minutes of music in 10 days for the feature film “Broken Hearts Club,” I have some breathing room. I’ve got a few rewrites after some reshoots are done in the next few months, but it’s pretty quiet until then.

Too quiet.

I don’t like not being busy. I’ve always got a massive ToDo list going on (thank you David Allen and Getting Things Done), and it’s time to hit it running. I’ve started something I’ve been putting off for literally a year; marketing. I’ve got contacts in my address book that don’t have copies of my demo, and it’s time for me to rectify that. I’ve been printing and lightscribing discs this week in preparation for mailing things out Monday morning.

Also, now that I’m not composing (at the moment), I have no excuse for not blogging more frequently. If you’re new to the blog, welcome. this weekend I’m going to try and upload the blog entries from my previous blogs at MySpace and WordPress.