I realize that as the number of readers is growing, I should make a better attempt at blogging daily, which was my intention all along.  However, I promise the blog will never resort to posts about walking my dog or how long it took to shave.

After a 10 minute shave and taking the dog out to pee, I took a look at my To Do List.  I’m in a position right now where I’m in “pre-production” mode for 3 features, but not working on a new project.  When you’re self employed, it’s easy to fall into ‘slothness’ during down time.  I’m a firm follower of David Allen’s Getting Things Done book, which worked wonders for me in terms of organizing my massive To Do List (check out the book at Amazon if you’re interested).

I’ve gotten behind a bit in marketing, which for a film composer is like oxygen.  If you don’t market, you may as well be standing on the corner of 6th and Spring downtown, blasting your cues from a boom box and spouting out your email address at the same time, hoping to drown out the crazy preacher doing the same thing on the opposite corner.

So, yesterday I refocused my tasks, reorganzed my projects, and I’m now a man on a mission.  One of the things I’m going to work on in the next few weeks is new tracks to fill in some gaps in my demo.  There are a few genres and styles I don’t have (what I feel is) enough cues to represent myself.  I’ll be premiering the stuff here first, so keep reading.

Also, tomorrow I may try to pee the dog and shave at the same time, and I need some witnesses when the ambulance arrives.