Happy Something Something

Hi all.  In years past, I used this blog for an end of the year recap post. I’m not going to bore you with that this year.  All the info is located in the 2008 posts, if you’re really bored or bedridden, you can read them all there.  To sum it up, professionally, 2008 was better than 2007, which was better than 2006.  I have high hopes for 2009, mostly because I’m going to work harder than I did in 2007, so that should equate to something. Possibly an ulcer from stress.

I also tend to not create a special list of ToDo’s based on the New Year.  It’s not as if there are things I needed to get done that I ignored all year long in the hopes of starting them on Jan 1.  One thing I did promise myself is to blog more often.  300 posts this year is my goal.  Good posts.  Thought-provoking, insightful, informative posts. 

“The Last Tenant” is screening tomorrow at the Beverly Hills HD Fest.  It’s playing at 2:30pm, tickets are $10 at the door, or on the website (with directions) here.  There’s the possibility of a Q & A after the screening, so drop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

If you’ve found this blog from my Twitter page, welcome, and thanks for letting me steal some of your valuable time to bend your ear.  If you’re reading this blog and thinking “Twitter? What’s that?!  Stop making up fake words!” then you should get over and follow me there as well.  Twitter is micro-blogging at its finest. 140 characters to talk about what you’re doing, what places you’re visiting, where you surf when you’re on the web.  

Twitter is the best place to follow me if you’re interested in the goings-on of 11:11.  the producers and director have anointed me the official Twitterer of the films pre/during/post production phases.  I’ve already tweeted from casting sessions & cinematography meetings, and it just gets better next month when production starts.  I’m going to be on set as much as I can, talking about the actors, crew, takes, craft services, all with my own brand of acerbic humor. Want to know who flubbed their lines? What Rocky is really like when he’s directing?  Who’s making fun of me (again) for tweeting?  Find it all in my Twitter stream.  You don’t have to follow me to read the posts, just park yourself at my Twitter page and follow along on the days I’m on set.  However, if you’d like to ask onset questions, then you just need to sign up and follow me. It’s free, easy, and you’ll be considered hip.   I’ll be answering replies in real time, it’ll be a hoot!  Although I promise not to use the word “hoot” again, anywhere.

I have some great ideas for blog topics this year.  GREAT IDEAS.  One of them is a series of posts dedicated to what software and hardware I use in my studio, both for recording and marketing.  Also, very soon I will be reporting back with a review of Pro Tools 8 and how it’s holding up in my studio, as I’m about to install it today. After sitting on it for weeks so that I could finish up a project before upgrading.  So I’m going to go do it now.  You can stop reading and go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

And Happy New Year, thanks for reading the blog, comments are always welcome (and responded to).