Home Sweet Home

After two months in New Jersey and New York, we’re on our way home to LA. I return married, and with no excess weight gain due to the inordinate amount of Italian food I’ve consumed.

I’m writing this on the plane. I can’t sleep on a plane. I find that I can use the time to read, work on my massive ToDo List, and get organized. It doesn’t matter if I’m coming or going, work or vacation, there’s always something I need to do. I design my life that way, with an almost unsurmountable amount of goals and projects.

I think I do this because I’m afraid of running out of things to do, ideas, projects… I don’t ever want to be in a position where I don’t have anything to do.

This is why I don’t vacation well.

This is also why Allison married me, because she’s the exact same way.