Horror and Construction

…two things that I’m hoping don’t go hand in hand next week when the drywalling begins! Monday is material buying day, Tuesday the drywall gets delivered and Tues afternoon the construction begins. I’m hoping to get everything done before the following Monday, but I’m leaving things open just in case. On my pics page is a “Before” shot of the space (it was used as storage for tons of furniture before I took over the lease), I’ll be posting plenty of “After” pics when I’m done!

In other news, I’m teaming up with the guys from Monster FX to score the horror film “Eyes of the Woods,” set to be distributed at the end of 06. The trailer should be up soon on the official film page; I’ll be linking it here as well as posting a bulletin when they’re up and ready to go (yes, that’s right, I’m a press whore. And a pimp.). I wrote the trailer music last week, and I’m extremely proud of how it came out. I’m excited to be working with Mark and Ron from Monster FX, look for big things from them in the near future.

That’s it for now, I have a ToDo list a mile long and very little time “to do” it in. I’ll try and get out a daily post on progress next week (and possibly an injury report).