I Hate Being Sick

Wednesday night I got hit with a flu-like cold. There’s nothing worse than your mind wanting to work and your body saying “hold on, let me look at the schedule… umm, no, I don’t think we’ll be doing anything today.” Sundance started yesterday. I was going to head to Park City next Saturday for the screening of “Until Next Time,” but not only are things hopping with “Amhurst,” but I spent a few days this week adding a temp score to Jill Maxcy’s “OutRighteous.” Her film is going to start official scoring (probably) next week, so between the two films my leaving town for two days is out of the question. The director of UNT is going (Kimberly Prendez), she’ll be promoting the film. If you’re going to be in Park City on the 26th, drop by and see the film. You can find venue info and directions in the blog announcing the nomination (yes, I’m that lazy. I’m not going to repaste the link. It’s right below, just scroll down a little.). 

To make up for my laziness, I’m posting links to four new tracks from “RailFans: Chasing Trains” exclusive to the blog. Here they are:

Chasing Trains Theme

RaiFans On the Move

RailFans Opening (a different version of the theme)

Riding the Rails

Enjoy. I’m going back to bed. Or out to the studio, I haven’t decided which would be more productive.