I Was Buried Under a Mountain of Work…And Loved Every Minute of It


I thought it was time for a quick update. March, April and May have been a flurry of activity for me, and I haven’t had as much time to spend here as I’d like.

This month I finished writing for the dedicated and sleep deprived Tawan Bazemore, whose short “P.O.V.” finishes up this month. The score is a haunting array of cues utilizing solo violin and cello, I’ll try and post them here shortly.

Also written was the score for the 20 minute film “Office Beast, produced by Brickhouse Pictures. The film was fun to write for, the mix of comedy and horror worked well in the film, and I tried to write a score that matched the intensity of both.

And since this seems to be the season for horror, I’m currently working on the feature film “Eyes of the Woods,” produced by Mark Villalobos and Monster Fx. I’ve been working with Mark since last October, fine tuning the score as his editor tweaks the film down to it’s final form The film is a throwback to the horror films of John Carpenter, and the score is an interesting mix of old school and new techniques. The bulk of the writing is done; I’m waiting to fill in some spots in the locked cut before the film is ready for distribution. Expect news on a DVD release later this year.

When June hits, I’ll be working on Kimberly Prendez’ “Until Next Time,” a period piece set in the 1940’s, some animatics for Robert Jordan’s horror feature “Silent Retreat,” and more music for the exciting web series “Inbetween” by Brandon Marcus. I’ll also be starting to write themes for Angelo Bell’s romantic comedy “Broken Hearts Club,” which is slated to start production at the end of July, and will be my largest undertaking of my career, and one that defines my style as an artist.

I hope everyone is well and having a great spring.