The other night I was watching a DVR’d episode of Iconoclasts, it was Norman Lear and Howard Schultz. Although Norman Lear is an amazing man and producer, I was taken with the way that Howard Schultz created his Starbucks empire. I know this is a love it or hate it topic. I’m generally not a lover of “big box” companies that smother the market. I absolutely HATE Wal-Mart more than any corporation in the world. I am a patron of many small, independent coffee shops in downtown Long Beach, Portfolio Coffee Shop being just one, but I always seem to come back to Starbucks. I like their coffee better, I like that they’re on every other corner. After hearing Howard’s story, his refusal to give up his dream to create a business and his wife’s support, and that he found a way to overcome all his obstacles, I have a newfound respect for the man. I feel similarly about Rachel Ray (who works 25 hours a day), but that’s another blog.