I’m Popping In (and Out)

I came across this and thought “How cool would it be if ITBOTFW was a pop-up book?”  But since I claim I don’t wear pants often, that could be problematic, as the only thing I can think of that would pop-up is…. Anyway, how are all you book reading people doing?

The book is coming along well.  I’m working with New City Entertainment’s Allison Vanore on marketing and promotion, and we’re on it like @jillyleigh on a cocktail.  We’re already working on a (are you ready)…. book signing in downtown Los Angeles in March!  Followed by a mixer!  Also, we’re talking with radio and print peeps to schedule interviews and giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways (no, I’m not talking about what @michbek does in her spare time), we’re giving away a signed copy of the book to the 500th follower on Twitter. If you’re not already following, you should be. You’re missing out on the arguments I have with the book in real time. Sometimes the book wins, it’s actually pretty mean. Also, lucky number 500 gets a custom tweet written about them inside the front cover. In blood. OK, not blood. Maybe mucus. Or ink. I haven’t decided. Go now and be a follower.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the upcoming photoshoot with Raphe Wolfgang Photography, my meeting with Jennifer Beatty of Bandwagon Graphiks, how the LA Festival of Books fits into my plans, and some more information about the book.

Like the titles of the chapters.