Inbetween Revisited

I wanted to dedicate a post to Director Brandon Marcus’ debut web series “Inbetween,” which I’m providing music for. The series is about loss, friendship and revenge, and the episodes are released every month. Brandon does an amazing job at sucking you in with each chapter, and it makes scoring the episodes fun and exciting. The series has it’s own site at, and there’s also a MySpace page at Episodes One through Four are online, and I just read the script for Episode Five this morning. All I can say is this: You don’t want to be left behind when Episode Five rears its head next month. Things are getting ugly, and I’ve already got wheels in motion for a cue that matches the an intense scene where Vince well… uses scissors in an unconventional way. Who’s Vince? Get your butt over to the site and find out. I’ll let you know when episode Five is up.