Below is a copy of the press release from Brandon Marcus, concerning his new web series “Inbetween.” I’ll be providing underscore for the series, the first episode has already been shot and in post, and the second is in the on deck circle. Watch here for more info about the series and the premiere date.

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The music for Inbetween!


I’m pleased to announce that Inbetween’s music will come from these two very special groups.

Strix Vega, a rock band hailing from Humboldt County, California, consists of Colin Begell, Brian Godwin, and Andy Powell. The band’s album, Drunken Sky, is available on iTunes and through their website. They have amassed a very large following in Northern California and their fanbase continues to grow. Hopefully, I can give them a little more exposure with Inbetween.

I’m extremely excited to be using their music. While living in Eureka, I was constantly told of Strix Vega and how great their music was. Being under 21, I was usually not able to go see their shows but have since listened to their music and spoken with the guys. I’ve discovered that the music from their album perfectly suits the mood and theme of this production. The band has been more than willing and extremely helpful in this phase of the project. As well, they are true artists, encouraging creativity in every way. They even attended my screening of Decay back in September. My hat is off to these gents.

Drunken Sky is great and will aid the series in every way possible. Strix Vega’s work is dark, moody, creative, and original. I hope to say the same about Inbetween.

Go listen to their music – now.

Rob Gokee, multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, is a master of orchestral scores. Rob studied in New Mexico and Colorado and has worked under professionals such as Chris Young, before sharpening his own talents and creating a name for himself.

While being trained in guitar, Rob is a master of piano and and other instruments. Rob uses programs such as Pro Tools 7.0, Reason 3.0, and Gigastudio. His work has led to the creation of RVG Productions. a company that creates scores for both television and film. Rob prides himself on his collaborations with directors and editors, creating music that helps elevate the emotions and context of the scenes.

Rob is a great guy. His work is fantastic and more than professional. His attitude is just as great. He has been asking me questions about the project, giving ideas and is geniunely interested in creating something perfect for Inbetween. He is crafting the original music for the series, all of which makes the series better. I can’t wait to work with Rob more. He’s a dream come true for a director.

With Rob creating original themes and Strix Vega contributing all of their music, Inbetween has been taken to a whole new level. Music for films is supposed to help build the story, accentuate the important points. I am more than positive that this music will be a vital factor of our story. I’ve always taken pride in the music used in my films, and this time isn’t any different. These musicians are outstanding, their music is too.