It’s All About Location

I spent the day today riding around with Rocky and Roy on a final check of the locations for 11:11.  Along for the ride were the cinematographer, the gaffer, PA, and the behind-the-scenes videographer.  The shooting takes place during the months of February and March, and we were on a final run-through of the locations to firm up the techniques and camera angles Rocky’s going to use when he directs.

I Twittered throughout the day, from the van and from the locations themselves, it was a great experience and I actually got some musical ideas at a few of the locations, one of them being Lifeguard Tower 11 in Huntington Beach.  There’s nothing like crashing, blue waves and overcast skies to evoke music from the depths of my soul.  The next time I tweet will either be from the table read next weekend, or from Day One of shooting on February 21st.

On a final note, I’m scoring a wonderful short film called Wonderview over the next few weeks.  Its been marinating for a few years, waiting for the right editor and the right time to get a locked cut finalized.  I’m meeting with Writer/Director Dan Gordon tomorrow morning to re-spot the film (the first cut was almost twice as long as the latest one).  Blog to follow about the process.  I also realized today that I’ve got some cues to get online for a film I scored before the holidays called “Haze” by Steve Royall.  That too, will be blogged soon.