It’s Back

Hi! Welcome to the newest incarnation of my blog, Film Composer At Large. Over the years, I’ve kept many journals and blogs. It’s a need I have to not only hear myself speak (because when you talk aloud in the supermarket people tend to look at you funny) but to pass on information about my life as a composer, and the process I go through when I score a film or TV show.

I’m well aware, however, that blogs can be self-indulgent and boring. I’m going to attempt to keep this interesting by using visual aids and links, as well as the occasional podcast, the first of which will show up here shortly.

For now, I wanted to do a little promotion and let you get to know me better through a few recent interviews I did. the first is for (go check them out), and it’s a two-parter.

I think that’s enough self-indulgence for now. Keep an eye (just one, I don’t want you to fall down) on the blog for more updates, including my attempt to podcast.