It’s damn early

…for a Saturday.  I’ve got a meeting later this morning, so I thought I’d stop by and say hi.  I spent the majority of this week redoing the studio (for the last time…. until the next time), culminating in the putting back together of things last night.  I’ve got a few shelves to fill and a few more items to purchase (some new soundproofing materials and a room divider), but I’m essentially done.  

Some big announcements are forthcoming concerning both the “Amhurst” film and soundtrack.  BIG.  Next week I’ll drop the announcements here, along with some preliminary info about the score for the upcoming feature “11:11.”  I’ve already started working with Rocky and Roy at Lifeline Entertainment to determine the direction the score is going, and I’ll be moving forward on some of the tracks in a few weeks.  I’ll be chronicling the entire process of scoring 11:11 here in this blog, a diary of sorts complete with sound clips as we move closer and closer to the completion of the film.

As much as I complain about it, I actually like getting up early.  I’m the most productive and creative in the hours the sun is rising and the world is starting to lumber around sleepily.  I’m sure my coffee addiction doesn’t hurt either.

Today I’m meeting with director Angelo Bell to discuss the soundtrack for “Broken Hearts Club,” I film I scored for him this summer.  the music for the film was written in an insane 10 days, all 86 minutes of it, which is a blog I’ve been meaning to write for a long time and will put here shortly.  I promise.  Angelo is looking to screen the film for distributors this fall and wants some copies of the score to give out, and I’m looking to release it, so we’re discussing some of the pertinent details over coffee at a place I hate that shares its name with a viper pilot from Battlestar Galactica.  I’m a indie coffee shop kind of guy, and while I have nothing against big business, I do have a beef with a place whose goal it to be the only shop in town at the expense of the little guys. 

I’ll provide some more info later on both soundtracks (Amhurst and Broken Hearts Club).