It’s Just A Number. But it’s Damn Big.


I just posted my 10,000th tweet on Twitter.  I’ve only been on Twitter since October of last year, so the fact that I reach that number in just 6 months means I never shut up.  My Twitter account was created as a place to network with other film peeps and generate business, but it became more than that.  I’ve met people on Twitter that I now consider friends, and during the Dark Month of March in my personal life, I divulged more about Rob on Twitter than I have, ever, in any public forum.  


It was not my plan to be personal, or funny or talk about low points in my life online, let alone on Twitter. But a funny thing happened when I did.  People cared.  People talked back, they came from places all over to tell their own stories, to sympathize, or in some cases to pick on me incessantly (I won’t mention any names. <cough> Allison <cough>. And perhaps there was some reciprocation at my end, something about cake.).  

If I were to pick any place I hang out online where I thought I’d be the most “open,” I would have picked this blog.  But it seems that the level of interaction on Twitter made it easier to lament about the rough days I was having, and the new levels of suckage my life took last month.  


So, I wanted to take the opportunity in this post to thank all the people that follow me on Twitter.  Even if we haven’t spoken, I appreciate that you’re listening, and possibly laughing.  I’m right there doing the same thing with your Twitter stream.