That’s the title of the post because that’s what I’m drinking.  Sorry, no deeper meaning.  Maybe I secretly wanted to use the word so I can tag it, and then get people to read my blog who might be trying to figure out what kind of fruit to juice with broccli so it doesn’t taste bad, or someone interested in steroids.

I’m going to refrain from being political in my blog, ’cause I’ve done quite enough of that for the last three days over at Facebook.  Let’s just say I’m excited and proud of the choice we made for president, and at the same time I think the state of California has a way to go before we leave the dark ages and make marriage equal for everyone.  And that’s all, ’cause I’ve lost more than enough sleep over the latter half of the week.

I felt a renewed sense of drive to barrel through the GTD list this weekend, because I suddenly feel like there’s not a lot of time left before I start scoring 11:11, and the script is now in my hands.  So, I’ve got to get a lot done in the next few months to feel like there isn’t anything left hanging when things get busy.  Like when 3 feature films all need to be scored at the same time in March.  

I’ve recently given Twitter another chance, I’ve used it unsuccessfully in the past in relation to the site Remember the Milk, but this time around I’m using Twitter like I do status updates.  If you’re on Twitter, follow me here at www.twitter.com/robgokeemusic.  If you’re new to the blog from Twitter, welcome.  I feel an obligation to be more of a daily blogger now that my readership is slowly increasing.  Also, I read a book years ago called The Artist’s Way, which (if you can filter out the religion… I mean, c’mon, pick one topic or the other.  I’m fine if you want to write a book about prayer, but separate it from the book about writing, or at least let everyone know (including the publisher) that it’s a a mixed bag.  I don’t like it when it’s snuck in…but I digress…).  The book had a great exercise where you wrote, stream of consciousness, for a specific number of minutes right after you got up in the morning.  I’m not going to do stream on consciousness here, because even I wouldn’t want to read that, but I’m going to make a better attempt at daily blogging to clear out the cobwebs and get my brain moving in the mornings.

On a final note, it’s ironic that when I spellcheck my blog in WordPress, the word “blog” is not in the dictionary.