Just Announced: Rob Gokee to score “Amhurst”

Press Release From Lifeline Entertainment:

RETURN TO INNOCENCE: DVD Drops Today! The re-release of our first feature film, Return to Innocence, is now available on DVD. Pre-sales have been outstanding! Thanks to all who have supported this film. It’s great to see that after seven years, there is still a demand for it. With all of the digital enhancements, improved cover art, all-new bonus features and now at a lower retail price, it’s sure not to disappoint. Own Your Copy Today! Order From Amazon

AMHURST: Music Composer AnnouncedFilm Composer, Rob Gokee ‘Amhurst’ is inching its way to completion and everything is looking great. As most of you know, music makes the movie… especially in horror movies. Knowing that, we spent a lot more time than usual in finding the perfect composer to bring Amhurst to life musically. That person is Rob Gokee from RVG Productions in Long Beach, CA. Rob has studied under the very talented composer, Chris Young (Spiderman 3, Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Grudge, Ghost Rider) and it’s proof that he got a lot out of his studies by the terrific work he does. I’m thrilled to be a part of Amhurst, and I’m excited to start creating the score this film deserves.” Rob states. My goal is to deepen the relationship between the camera and the characters by creating music that adds layers sonically, while maintaining its presence in the background. Personally, I’m looking forward to taking this score to the next level and working with filmmakers who share that vision.” Rob begins working with Rocky this week at Rob’s studio in Long Beach. I’m really excited to be working with Rob.” notes Rocky. He has a genuine passion for this film and really knows what he’s doing. I look forward to the collaboration process and hope to learn a thing or two from him as well.” Still no estimated release date for Amhurst, but we are hoping for an early ‘08 premiere. Check out Rob and his work HERE

11:11 – Unlucky Number? [Photo] Despite our last report of production picking back up, 11:11 suffered yet another blow from a bogus investor. This time it was a fraudulent check that has once again set the film back, leaving us wondering if 11:11 isn’t such a lucky number after-all. This happens to many independent film companies, and we’ve definitely had our share,” says exec. producer, Roy Thomasson. The good and bad of it all is that there is one more hope for funding, which if happens, would come from a surprising source, but this never ending roller-coaster ride has taken a toll on everyone involved and it’s really looking like this will be a final attempt at completing 11:11. “No one wants to get this film made more than Rocky.”explains LifeLine producer, Chris Wolcott to our local Entertainment reporter. “After-all, this is his baby project. But it’s been dragged out long enough and we’re on the brink of shutting it down.” There has been more interest in 11:11 than probably all of our other films combined, so it would be a devastating blow to us all if the decision is made to pull the plug. We’re hopeful that won’t be the case. Either way, we’ll keep you all posted.

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