Location, Location, Location

If you’ve been reading the blog or follow my tweets, you know I’m marrying my best friend in the world, @alliecine, next summer. We’ve been searching for the right location since I proposed in March, and we finally found it. The post below is from our wedding blog, www.allieandrob.com, and written by my beautiful bride-to-be, who’s own website is at www.alliecine.com.

That’s It!

After months of visiting venues, comparing spreadsheets, crunching numbers, calling the parents, chatting with sisters, brainstorming creative ideas… I got a bit frustrated.  Of course this never happens to any bride-to-be.  We just weren’t excited about any place we looked at.  While there were three venues we got excited about, when it came down to it, each had it’s problems.  Nothing seemed right.  And when it comes to your wedding, you want it to feel right.

Rob and I were discussing this at length.  Again.  I threw my hands up in defeat and said, “Let’s just rent a house on the beach in NJ and party for a week.  At least we know THAT would be fun and cheaper than a 4 hour event in Los Angeles.”  Rob stopped, “Actually that’s not a bad idea.”  (Of course it wasn’t, I’m always filled with great ideas!)  Kidding.  Sort of.

So we played around with the idea of a New Jersey beach house, a NJ wedding, resources we have in NJ because my family lives there and have been in that area for about 25 years.  The idea started to become an option.  Of course when I tested the water out with friends they were supportive, though this means most of our friends flying 3000 miles to attend (eek!).  I then tested it out with my parents.  You’d have thought I lit a fire under their asses!  They were in.  They were thrilled.  I don’t think I could have reined them back in if I wanted to.  Rob called his parents and they agreed – they’ve never been to NJ or NYC so they are excited to make the trip.

So we spent a week researching online, my parents asked around and even saw a place or two on our behalf.  And after a week we had it narrowed down to one place.  A beach ceremony at sunset.  A beautiful venue with a great menu and open bar for 5 hours (nice!) and it’s within our budget.

The last task was making sure we could get a date.  People always say that you need to book a venue a year in advance and here we are booking something for next June and it’s already Mid-September.  We asked about dates and our preference was available!  We are now happy to announce that Rob and I will be getting married on Sunday, June 24, 2012 in Sea Bright, New Jersey at The Water’s Edge. And we’re extremely excited!

Thank you to my family for helping us pull this together.  It’s going to be great!