Long overdue for an update

Hey blog readers. I’ve been busy lately, and every time I start to post an update it never seems to make it to “post.” Before I get to anything else, I want to talk about the five features I’m in the midst of, which is a huge turning point in my career, where I’m used to having 5 short films going at the same time. I’m excited to move further into the realm of films where I have the chance to create character themes and create complete soundscapes over the course of 90 minutes. 

Eyes of the Woods A 500-year-old monster rises to once again claim vengance on trespassers of sacred ground. The film is in its final phase of post, I sent some “touch up” cues this weekend, and the sales rep for production company Monster Effects is already shopping it around to distributors. I’ll post an update when I have a release date. The score ended up being about 60 minutes long, and I should be posting some cues on my website soon.

RailFans: Chasing Trains A documentary that follows 3 men as they follow the rails from Minnesota to Wyoming, photographing and chasing the trains that traverse the midwest. The score and sound editing were done this weekend, and the film is already being replicated for holiday sales. EJ Pictures is screening a premiere in Minnesota on Dec 9, followed by an aggressive marketing and ad campaign to promote the DVD release. I created one central theme for the film, and created a dozen variations to represent the different moods of the journey. We’re looking into the prospect of a soundtrack release, I’ll let you know if that transpires.

OutRighteous A gospel romantic comedy by Director Jill Maxcy and Producer Tim Swain. The film already has a DVD release date of January 2008, and it should be available worldwide. I’ll be flexing my comedy muscle the last two weeks of December to get this score finished. Jill and I have been trying to find a project to work together on for over a year, shes a talented writer and director and I’m looking forward to the collaboration.

Amhurst From Lifeline Entertainment comes the thriller Amhurst, where a woman running from her past must confront the demons and find that all is not as it seemed. Director Rocky Costanzo and Producer Roy Thomasson did an amazing job with production, I’m honored and excited to be a part of the final phase. I spent over three hours talking with them last night about everything film and music, and I picked up some of the footage to start scoring. I’m looking to take my scoring to the next level with this film; the ideas have been percolating for almost a month, and over Thanksgiving I’ll be mapping out some of the main themes. Discussion about a soundtrack release has started, I’ll post more info as we get closer to the finish line, and watch the blog for a play-by-play of the scoring process.

Broken Hearts Club I’ve been promoting this one for months, and Director Angelo Bell is about to start production (Dec 1). There’s a fundraiser for the film on November 20th at Di Piazzas in Long Beach at 7pm. It’s $10 at the door, live music and BHC swag, and you get a chance to meet the cast and crew. I’ll be scoring the film late Jan/early Feb 2008, right after Amhurst finishes up.

That should keep me occupied through next spring, when I’ll have to start plotting my next move. Finally, in case you haven’t been there in awhile, my website got a facelift a few weeks ago. Stop by and check out the new design, and all new cues. If I don’t have to do anything in Flash for a while, I will be a happy man. VERY happy.