Love in the Time of Monsters

This morning, I was officially announced as the composer for the horror/comedy feature “Love in the Time of Monsters.” I’m uber excited to score this film, and the score is going to be very different. The only hint I’ll give you is that I have to score it TWICE.

Below is an except of the announcement written by the prolific & amazing Mike Skvarla (who also happens to be the film’s writer). Follow the link at the end to read the rest, including my new nickname…

The First Footage, MonsterVision, and a Gokee

OCTOBER 18, 2011
by Mike Skvarla

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since there’s been hardly anything going on on my end in regards to Love in the Time of Monsters.  Matt, Andy, Allison, and Rob have been knocking out logistics and finances and it’s amazing to watch them work so I let them do just that.

That’s since changed – I got (appropriately, natch) tasked to cut together the test scene that the LitToM crew shot a couple weekends back!  Not only is the footage great looking but our actors are top-notch, committed, and professional, and it shows.  I’ve been happy as pup with a new chew toy cutting this scene and I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been going through so far.

First off, editing this scene is at both simple and intimidating.   It’s simple because I wrote it and it’s pretty straightforward and badass and awesome, but intimidating because there’s the big challenge of establishing the unique tone of the film.  On paper you can have all the dialogue and action you want and it more or less makes sense but once you start cutting with footage every frame counts towards helping or hindering your aesthetic.

One of the more unique aspects that I’ve been working on in this piece is… READ THE REST HERE