Meeting Accomplished

I met with Rocky last night to go over a whopping 28 cues for Amhurst. We’re starting to put the finished cue in the timeline permanently for the score mix, and I had some touch-ups I wanted to do for virtually all of them before they were set in stone. It was a quick 6 hours, Rocky and Roy supplied dinner, we went over all the cues, made some volume changes in a few places, and I picked up some new footage to score this week. I’m mixing together cues for the official Amhurst site this week as well, and working on a replacement track just in case the rights don’t come through for the song playing over the closing credits. 

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on camera for the DVD extras, and I commented about how amazing the process of scoring Amhurst has been. Rocky and I have talked about how we both look forward to the weekly meeting and how it’s actually sad that post production is coming to an end soon (although I’m sure he’ll be glad to be finished with all the capturing and editing). Lifeline has been looking for a house composer, and I’ve been looking for, well, a house, and we’re both excited that we’ve found each as composer and director. I’ve been lucky to have found two directors (Angelo Bell is the other, see my blog about the Composer/Director Relationship) that want to have me along on their journey, and I’m happy to be along for the ride.