Musical Chairs

Now that we’re back in town, I’m able to write music in my studio again. Writing from my laptop has taught me that I never want to write music from my laptop again. It is NOT inspiring.


The iPad is a different story. And a different blog post.

Since getting back two days ago, I’ve been working on three projects.

Cost Of Capital – Wall Street meets Social Network, a 6 episode webseries. The music will be unique to my reel in that it’s very Trent Reznor-y and “avant garde.” The series should launch October-ish.

Pairings – A cute, romantic comedy webseries (6 episodes as well) about a man searching for love, and using his skills as a chef to find it. I get to exercise my acoustic guitar and piano muscles on this one.

Short Term – Season 3 of the hit webseries is in full pre-production swing. So how am I writing when nothing has been shot, you ask? This season, one of the episodes is a MUSICAL. So, I get to pop my musical-writing cherry. Expect this one to be a lot of fun.