My 5 Favorite Score Tracks

Recently, my soon-to-be Best Man Jorge Urbina asked me to list my 5 favorite scores, and why they were my favorite. This is apparently some kind of bachelor party thing that I’m not aware of yet, but I realized it would also make a good blog post. The links are to the tracks on Spotify. If you’ve ever wondered about my influences… wonder no more. Here they are in no particular order. 
1. “Follow The Flower” Christophe Beck – Under The Tuscan Sun Christophe Beck – Follow The Flower
Christophe Beck is the reason I chose my career path. This was his first big film score after Buffy, and I love the layers in this track. I love how this track is playful and dramatic at the same time. BEST PART: At 1:13, when the brass comes in, I feel like the track “blossoms,” through the strings at 1:45. 
2. “Jack Sparrow” Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest  Hans Zimmer – Jack Sparrow – Score
This is the score when I fell in love with Zimmer and his writing style, he’s just so whimsical and epic at the same time. I love the see-saw approach to the opening of the cue, but my favorite parts are 1) 1:14 when the cue really takes off, and the percussion kicks in, and 2) at 5:19, amidst all the choas the cue comes to a halt and returns to the opening section before taking off again. 
3. “Landtrain” Brian Tyler – Fast & Furious This is the most intense action cue I have ever heard. Tokyo Drift was the first Tyler score I ever heard, but this is my favorite by far. The percussion alone is insane. This cue really takes off at 2:52, but my favorite part is the section starting at 3:45 to 4:23. It makes my dick hard. It repeats at 5:53, except I think they crank the drums up even more. This might be my favorite track of all of these. 
4. “Violence & Variations” Bear McCreary – Battlestar Galactica Season 2
Bear is my favorite television composer (Tyler being film), and this is probably the most beautiful piece I’ve heard from him. The waltz-like characteristic of the cue, while still being dark, just flows so smoothly. I love the build from beginning to end. My favorite part is at 2:52 when the piece begins to swell, only to die down and build up through the end. 
5. “Magic Snow Music” Christophe Beck – Buffy Season 3  Christophe Beck – Magic Snow Music (from “Amends”)
One of the things I love most about Chris Beck the way he constructs his cues and themes. This cue was hinted at episodes before this version, and this is version is the payoff. It’s really the same melody repeated, but each time bigger and with more instruments until we reach the climax. My favorite part is at 1:19, when the strings join the winds.