My First Valentine’s Day…

… was spent with this woman.  Last night.  I made her a four course meal, complete with crème brûlée.  I gave her roses and a ring with emeralds, and she bought me a beautiful set of harmonicas, which came from a comment I made during our trip to the Tucson Film and Music Festival last year.  We watched a documentary about the harmonica, and I remarked that it made me wish I had one so I could learn.  And she remembered, and bought them for me.  Now I’ve got to convince Jonathan Nail to write in a harmonica part for Scott in SOLO the Series so I have an excuse to record.

I know what you’re thinking.  “You’re not 16 years old, so I find it hard to believe that this is your “first” Valentine’s Day, you moron.”  That’s true, I’ve been in relationships before, and I’ve spent Valentine’s with other people.  But this one was decidedly different.

It’s very easy, especially when you’re in a relatively new relationship, to say “This is the best (fill in the blank) I’ve ever had!”  Everyone does it.  I’ve had three major relationships in my life before this one, and multiple Valentine’s Days.  I can’t remember any that were horrible, but there are literally none that stand out.

There are some reasons for this.  There was infidelity in past relationships (my marriage, in one word, was “poisonous”), and the relationships themselves were unhealthy.  It was only after therapy (which I am a huge advocate of, you can find more details about my therapy experiences in “In The Belly Of The Fail Whale,” including the reason I fired my first one) that I realized that there was a pattern in my relationships that was causing them to be unhealthy.  That pattern was broken with Allison.

So when I say that this was my “first” Valentine’s Day, it really was, because I feel that 2009 was my “rebirth.”  And not in a wacky religious way, in a way that opened my eyes to the world in a way I hadn’t seen it before.  I give a lot of that credit to Allie, but most of it was my willingness to let Rob be Rob for the first time in my life.

On a side note, this blog is finally starting to roll, and you’re going to be excited about upcoming posts.  I plan on talking about the process of writing the book, including stuff that didn’t make it into the book (maybe even some saucy stuff) and details into the marketing I’m doing to promote the book.

I’m also going to treat the blog as an extension of the book, in that I’ll be talking about my life in Year Two of Twitter.  That means it’ll be incredibly personal and open in the same way I was open in the book, which I hope you’re reading.  Not this second, but right after you’re done with this blog post.   Think of this blog as the detailed outline for the next book…