Never Enough Time

The last few month that’s how I’ve constantly felt.  No matter how much I get done, or how much sleep I forgo, it’s never enough.  I sent New City Entertainment, who is handling my marketing and promotion for the book, 3 completed chapters today.  I’ve been working on the book in a way that’s different than, say, fiction.  Because the chapters are broken up by month, I’m able to work on them all simultaneously as I move through the last year of my life.  Today I closed up the first 3, aside from proofreading, they’re completed.  Now I’ve got to polish off the other 11 and the Follow Friday story in the next week.

It’s been a busy few months of scoring, I’m currently working on @jonathannail‘s comedy sci-fi webseries “SOLO,” and I’m close to embarking on @HllywdEMB‘s “A Note To Etienne.” I’m also doing freelance writing for the website LIFTr, which will be launching full-force soon.

The only way I can see to get all this work done is to stay awake from now until…. well, I’ll let you know when there’s a stopping point.