New Cues, New Films, No Rest

I scored two short films this week for Sir Angelo Bell, taskmaster extraordinaire. The first was a re-score for a short film he did last year called “I Know Who Shot You,” an intense thriller that will leave you sleeping with one eye open. I’ve added the entire film-length cue to the ‘Space, and it’s well worth the entire listen if you enjoy feeling tense and creeped out;)

The second was some additional music to his Festival Premiere as a Producer (claps and whistles) “El Ride.” the film was written and directed by Texas’ Veronica Rodriguez, who won the FilmGenesis Script-to-film Contest last year, and it’s now in the 2007 Austin Woman’s Film, Music & Literary Festival, and was selected Best of the Fest! The cue is a theme I wrote this weekend, it’s different than most of my writing and worth a peep.

Thanks again, have a great week everyone.