New York Minute

I’m writing this post from a plane above some part of the United States on the way to New Jersey. Sorry, that’s the best picture I could get crammed into a seat without being wrestled to the floor by the Air Marshall. This is the first time I’ve used WordPress for Blackberry, so it’ll be interesting to see how the post looks when I get a chance to post it.

Allison and I are heading to the New York Television Festival in NYC, which runs September 20-25, to support “SOLO The Series,” which is screening Tues and Wed nights (tickets are available at , although Tues is sold out and Wed is getting close).

Before the fest, we’re heading to Washington DC to pop my cherry at the nation’s capitol. We’re also stopping by Discovery to pitch a show or two, and spending some quality time with the family in New Jersey.

This is my second time in NJ and NYC, I’m excited to see it without snow. I’m also excited to see Allison’s family again.

On a side note, never in my life have I seen so many people have to use the bathroom on a plane. Either they’re drinking a lot, or there’s an orgy going on in there I wasn’t invited to.

I’ve got lots of new projects I’m working on that I’m excited to tell you about, including 8 webseries, a television show and other themes and songs I’ve scored. Its been an I N S A N E couple of months, so much so that I’ve had to put all book-related stuff aside due to lack of time.

Tomorrow we’ll be in DC, I hope to share some of the sights and events with you. If you want a play-by-play however… you know where to find me.

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