Not Another Year End Post

2011 was an interesting year. Here are 10 highlights.

  • I rung in the new year once again in New Jersey, my second home. The highlight of which was asking Allison’s dad for permission to marry her while shoveling snow.
  •  I got engaged. To say that I’ve never loved anyone in my life like I love Allison seems romantic, mushy & exaggerated. It’s also the truth. Any other relationship I’ve been in was just preparation for this one. The things I’ve done, places I’ve been, and things I’m planning I’ve never wanted to do with anyone else – and that includes the wedding, which will take place on the Jersey Shore in the exact spot pictured above (I took that photo while we were at the venue earlier this week). Check out the wedding site when you get a chance.
  • This is the first year of my career as a composer that I’ve had continuous work from start to finish – paid work. To those not in the entertainment industry, this may seem odd – why wouldn’t you work all year round? – but as a freelancer in TV and film, there are always “lulls” in work, and you learn to ride it like surfing a wave. This year there were no lulls, only work.
  • The people I’ve had the chance to work with this year were amazing & talented. I’ve made new relationships with  filmmakers that I can’t wait to work with again, because they’re that good.
  • I was floored to be double-nominated for Best Score (SOLO and Night Of The Zombie King) in the 2012 IAWTV (International Academy Of Web Television). This warrants a post all on it’s own, but I wanted to mention here that I’m truly honored to be nominated and recognized, and I honestly don’t mind if I don’t win, because being multiple-nominated is a win in itself.
  • I got the opportunity to work for Magical Elves, a production company I’ve admired for many years. Not only did I get to be a part of shows I’ve watched and wished to be a part of, I’ve learned more about editing and story than I ever thought I would. And I’m excited to continue to be a part of their 2012 lineup.
  • After 6.5 years in Long Beach, I moved to Los Angeles proper. It was a long time coming, and the first time I drove from my new home to Hollywood without having to get on the freeway, I couldn’t contain myself. It’s a temporary move, as we’re still looking to get to Los Feliz, so we’ll be doing it again in 2012
  • Not only did I get to meet Chris Brogan this year (who is my biggest marketing/social media inspiration), I wrote a theme song with him, and the whole thing was chronicled on video. Look for it soon, but needless to say the experience (and Chris) was incredibly fun and creatively stimulating. Chris is a great guy, and an amazing author (he has a new book out).
  • I secured 2 feature films, both horror, in the last quarter of the year. I haven’t done a feature all year (I’ve been busy with television and short films), so it was exciting to embark on not one, but two new ones! Look for updates about “The Rental” and “Love In The Time of Monsters” in 2012.
  • If you put every composer in history on a list, and asked me to list them by order of importance to me & inspiration, Brian Tyler would be at the top of my list. And last month, at Umami Burger in Hollywood, I met him. Not only did I meet him, he took time out from his date to ask me questions, talk to me like I was a peer (as if!), and he remembered talking to me on Facebook. I’m still in awe that I had a conversation with him, let alone met him. It made me want to go home and score something.

2012 has a lot going for it already. My huge wedding in New Jersey, honeymoon in Europe, 2 feature scores, a new book & soundtrack release,  more television work… I’m also excited for the things coming that I don’t even know about yet. Thank you, 2011, for a wonderful year, and a great Chapter 3 to my new life.