One is Better Than Many

Welcome to the new site.  Take a look around.  There’s a plate with some free tacos somewhere around here, unless @jfuzell has been by, in which case they’re probably gone.

Why One Site?

This is the one place to find me from now on.  One site.  All the parts of my personality in one place.  In terms of blogging, this will make it much, much easier, because I only have one place to put down my thoughts.  I’ve been working on this for the better part of the last week, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  My new logo, which will be on my business cards (for a great post about business cards & what they should contain, check out Chris Brogan’s post about them last week, “Making Your Own Business Cards”), letterheads and anything else I hand out, was designed by Allison Vanore.

I recently changed my Twitter name.  I shortened it from “robgokeemusic” to “robgokee.”  I realize that, although I tweet about music, I am also about many other things.  It was that change that got me thinking about my websites, and how running three of them was counter-productive.  After a productive lunch meeting with Blogger Kirsten Wright, I decided that combining them into one was a better use of time and energy, and more representative of who I am.

This site represents me as “Rob.”  I am a composer, I am a writer, and I also help small businesses with social media.  Because the brand is “Rob,” I didn’t see any need for 3 different sites.  All three jobs are linked together by the things I do, and composing for film is what brought me to the other two.

Feel free to subscribe to the blog by RSS or email (there are links in the sidebar), because now that I’m blogging on four different subjects in one place, I should be talking a lot.  There’s already a list of topics for this week on my ToDo List, including how to get tickets to the “SOLO the Series” premiere this month, my upcoming book reading/signing at Stories Books at the end of June, how to utilize Foursquare into your business marketing budget, and the details on…

my next book.

This book will still revolve around Twitter, but in a different way than the first. I will give you one hint about the book: It involves “community.”

Welcome to my world.  You’re all free to stay as long as you’d like.  Pants are optional.  Obviously.